Sliding doors are a stylish way to economise on space. You can create separate units without having to compromise on volume. Revolving doors take up valuable floor area if you are a bit short of square footage.

Sliding doors are also the perfect eye-catcher: we just expect doors to be ‘ordinary’ doors, rather than beautifully concealed sliding doors. But, what type of fittings go with a sliding door? We will help you find your way through the wonderful world of handles and fittings for sliding doors!

Sliding door fittings for your interior

Depending on the type of door you choose, there are various fittings both for regular sliding doors and cupboards with sliding doors.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like a door that slides away completely?
  • Or can the door protrude a few centimetres once it has been slid back?

Below is a simple explanation.

If you slide the door away completely and wish to use the full width of the door opening, you are advised to choose a flush sliding door pull. This is fully integrated in the door so that the door can slide between two walls or along a wall. This aesthetic solution fits into even the most minimalist or sleek interiors.

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Do you have enough space to allow the sliding door to protrude a few centimetres into the door opening when open? In this case, a vertical handle will look beautiful and offer a practical solution.
You can easily grab the handles on both sides and slide the doors open or closed.

This takes both beauty and functionality into account!

Sliding door fittings for outdoor use

Imagine sliding your garden doors open on a lovely summer evening and enjoying the last rays of sun on your patio… what could be lovelier? An outside door creates additional living space and adds a modern and contemporary finish to your home. Particularly if you combine it with the perfect door fittings.

When choosing sliding door fittings, a sliding door handle or a lift and slide handle, functionality is a vital consideration. You must ensure that:

  • the sliding door can be operated easily;
  • the sliding door fittings for your exterior door offer excellent security.

With lift & slide doors, your option is lift & slide handle, as these have to be installed on an existing lock housing and mechanism. Lift & slide handles by Dauby will fit on these locks easily so you can replace your existing handle using the same materials as you have used on the internal doors, window and furniture fittings.

This ensures the door closes and is secure, and allows you to match your sliding door fittings to the rest of your home.

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Modern sliding door fittings

Looking for sliding door fittings for your sleek, modern home?

Integrated handles are the epitome of minimalistic beauty. Perfect for your designer home, where any form of excess is rejected in favour of a maximum sense of space and light. Less is more.

Another characteristic feature? The use of exclusive materials.

The sliding door pull Pure PSS will complement these two features perfectly. It comes in:


Sliding door fittings for the retro enthusiast

Although sliding doors are usually associated with modern homes, there are so many styles that they can also be integrated within your retro home too. These are often dominated by rounded forms; domed lamps in bright colours, bucket seats that you can sink into, or circular rugs. Your sliding door fittings should reflect these design choices too: rounded corners are a must!

The SLO2 is ideal for a retro interior and comprises three characteristic colours:

The right sliding door fittings for your interior

Our main aim is to find sliding door fittings that suit your interior. The colour, shape and material of your sliding door fittings set the tone in your interior.

So choose sliding door fittings that match the style of your interior, and also complement the window handles and door levers that have already been used. By working with the same materials that are used on your interior and exterior doors, you can create harmony and a stylish interior.


Found the right sliding door for your home but still unsure about your sliding door fittings? We have the right look and solution for every type of sliding door, with a focus on functionality and aesthetics. Ask Dauby for advice and we will help you find the right sliding door handle for your needs.

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