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Stephanie Van Mechelen

Door fittings are a bit like a ballpoint pen; you don’t value their importance when you use them but you’re completely lost without them. Ever felt the sense of panic when a door handle breaks? Of course.

Door fittings used to be trivial and practical but their styling is now prominent and often the deciding factor in design choices. Of course, an ordinary aluminium door handle does the job, but anyone who regularly checks out the mood boards on Pinterest knows better: it’s all about the details.

And that’s precisely where door fittings can really make a difference.

What are door fittings?

Essentially, door fittings are anything that belongs on a door. The term door fittings includes the following items:

These items used to be pretty much ignored but, nowadays, beautiful door fittings are the ‘cherry on the cake’ of your home.

How to choose the ideal door fittings?

It is best to create a sleek, consistent line in your choice of door fittings.

So choose the same colour and style for your door handles and hinges, and your letterbox and house number, to create a harmonious look.

They may only be small considerations, but they give a sense of calm and cohesion to the ‘look and feel’ of your (front) door.

The materials used for your door fittings are also important to create a personalised effect.

So try to test all of the various materials before you buy your door fittings and check which feel best in the hand.

Belgian door fittings by Dauby

Since 1975, Dauby has been an importer and wholesaler of different Italian, French and Spanish door fittings.

The power of Dauby door fittings lies in the authentic production method and natural materials, combined with today’s stringent quality standards. This leads to door fittings which look fantastic, and which are robust enough to withstand intensive, daily use.

The door fittings in Dauby’s range are subdivided into two groups.

1. Designer door fittings

The designer collection unites all the modern door handles, suitable for a trendy, contemporary interior. The door handles from the designer collection combine reliability and ergonomics with fantastic design. In other words, they are not only lovely to use, they also set the aesthetic tone in the interior. With their sleek and flowing designs, they immediately catch your eye.

2. Retro door fittings

As well as the designer collection, you can also choose Dauby door handles in the retro collection. As the name suggests, these door handles and doorknobs are characterised by retro styling. These door fittings are superbly showcased in a rustic or nostalgic interior. Thanks to a careful choice of materials, such as iron or bronze, and a decorative design, these handles instantly create a sense of times gone by.

Burglary-proof door fittings

Doors form the access point to your home. And it’s the preferred spot for burglars too. In order to prevent these unwanted visitors accessing your home, you must choose door fittings that are as secure as possible. So, as well as the strength of the door handles, you should also consider design and material.

At Dauby, we pay a great deal of attention to both the design and the safety of our door fittings. In our range, you will find a huge selection of burglary-proof door fittings. How about our security fittings from the Pure® collection, for example? These offer additional security for external doors. The mountings ensure that the cover plate cannot be unscrewed from outside.

Feel the difference

Want to be certain that your gut instincts are right?

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All of the door fittings you’ll find are from our own range and collection.

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Everything comes from our traditional workshops, and our door fittings are all finished by hand, right down to the tiniest details.

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