Stephanie Van Mechelen - 25/07/2018 - 25 July 2018

It’s a bit like a biro; you don’t value its importance when you use it but you’re completely lost without it.

Ever felt the panic when a door handle breaks? Of course.

Door fittings used to be trivial and practical but their styling is now prominent and often the deciding factor. Of course an ordinary aluminium door handle does the job, but anyone who regularly reviews the mood boards on Pinterest knows better: it’s all about the details.

And that’s precisely where door fittings can really make a difference.

Door lever M12 R12 in project
Door lever M12 R12 in project

What are door fittings?

Door fittings are anything that belongs with a door. The term door fittings includes the following items:

  • door handle
  • the corresponding rosettes
  • locking rosettes
  • hinges
  • house number
  • letterbox flap
  • security fittings

These items used to be pretty much ignored but nowadays, beautiful door fittings are the ‘cherry on the cake’ of your home.

Door fittings have become such a focus area of late that there are even trendy and attractive lines, fitting in with the various tastes of the buyer.

But how do you choose the best door fittings?

It is best to create a sleek, consistent line in your choice of door fittings.

So choose the same colour and style for your door handles and hinges, and your letterbox and house number, to create a harmonious look.
It may seem like a minor detail, but it gives calm and cohesion to the ‘look and feel’ of your (front) door.

The materials used for your door fittings are also important to create a personalised effect.

So try to test all of the various materials before you buy your door fittings and check which feel best in your hands.

How broad is the range of door fittings?

Door fittings come in all shapes and sizes.

Do you prefer the rural, retro or designer look? Are you riding the trend of golden brass or do you prefer matte black, tin or white bronze?

Don’t just make a blind choice; explore the options carefully.

See what fits with your home, interior and personality!

Feel the difference

Want to be certain that your gut instincts are right?

Then come to one of our showrooms in Wommelgem or our show-home in Antwerp and find out which door fittings suit you best, in a real-life situation.

All of the door fittings you’ll find are from our own range and collection.

It all comes from our workshops and all detailing is finished by hand.

Want to find out more about our varied collection of door fittings and be inspired by our show-home? Then make an appointment for a personal tour!

Door lever M12 R12
Door lever M12 R12
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