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Corporate video Dauby

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07/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Fittings from Dauby add the finishing touch to a project from ‘Atelier op Zolder’ and ‘Van der Padt Architecten’

Some time ago, ‘Van der Padt & Partners Architecten’ won a competition to design a house in Rotterdam. Together with ‘Atelier op Zolder’, they were given the opportunity to bring their design to life. For the house’s window and door fittings, they turned to the original and whimsical Pure® butterfly line by Dauby. For the …

25/10/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Add a little character to your home with the right window fittings.

Building a new house or giving your existing home a complete makeover? Don't forget to consider your choice of window fittings!

23/10/2018 ellen@dauby.be

New furniture and door fittings in your home? Discover the advantages of handles.

Had the same furniture and doors in your home for years? Maybe it's time for something new? Go for handles instead of doorknobs and discover the benefits!

04/10/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Pure®Plus expands to include the Pure® Plus Q-line: sleek, robust and luxurious

Pure®Plus Q Over the past few months, we have been working hard on expanding the Pure® Plus collection, particularly the Pure® Plus Q-line. Pure® Plus Q offers the same traditional manufacturing methods as the Pure® Plus products but with an emphasis on accentuation, and the use of sleek lines and design. This is also reflected in the end supports, which …

05/09/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

NEW: PH2017, designed by Tom Lenaerts

The PH2017 collection The Dauby Lento collection was designed by Tom Lenaerts, a young and dynamic Belgian architect from Antwerp.   As an all-round designer, he can handle any style, from rural chique or timeless to modern. His passion for wood and steel is the leitmotiv in his work, and he always develops every single …

31/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Why is there a spring in a door handle?

A spring in the door handle helps you to open and close it, horizontally or vertically. More information? Find all you need to know about single and double door handles here!

25/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Buying door fittings: What should you check?

Door fittings used to be trivial and practical but nowadays, styling is prominent and often the deciding factor. Here, you can find all the options and tips regarding door fittings!

16/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Open your front door in style … with the right handle!

The style of your front door speaks volumes about the rest of your home – and your good taste. Is your front door still without unique fitting(s)? There are door knockers and handles aplenty to instantly take your home to a higher level.

Discover some of our projects and experience how door-, window and furniture fittings take your interior to a higher level.

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