25/02/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A new splash-back in your kitchen? Choose bronze and metal tiles.

Pure® @Tiles by Dauby are a unique collection of metal tiles which are ideal for creating a splash-back in your kitchen. More info here.

25/02/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

The English Listed

Let us introduce an amazing collaboration: The English Listed! At Dauby, we are proud of our products and the story that they tell. It also fills us with pride to see them showcased in creations designed by our partners and customers, within a shared vision of authenticity, aesthetics and quality.

05/02/2019 ellen@dauby.be

The material for 2019? Raw Bronze Polished (RBP)!

Do you love to make an impact with a powerful interior in your home, while adding in a little warmth and a touch of elegance? Then the material for 2019, called Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) will be right up your street! Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) is the latest variant from the Pure®-collection by Dauby. In this …

17/01/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Go for an industrial bathroom with bathroom accessories by Dauby

Are you dreaming of an industrial bathroom with matching accessories? Discover how best to integrate Dauby’s Pure® Plus line into your bathroom!

17/01/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Lockable window handles for your exterior windows: extra security for your home

Is your love for perfection in every detail at war with your desire for security? Then lockable window handles by Dauby are just what you need!

13/12/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Dauby does all styles. It offers the final touch to every interior!

At Dauby, we work according to the mantra: “Details create perfection, but perfection is not a detail.” And that includes all homes. Whether you’re seeking an elegant finish for your home or on the lookout for robust fittings to emphasise your industrial interior, Dauby does all styles! A few of the styles included within our …

27/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Have you opted for a sliding door? Then think carefully about which door fittings to use!

A sliding door is a perfect space-saving solution in any interior. But have you also given thought to the door fittings?

27/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

How to maintain bronze door fittings?

Are you interested in getting bronze door fittings but don’t have an idea of how much maintenance it requires? Find out here how to clean and maintain your bronze door fittings!

14/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Corporate video Dauby

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