01/06/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Create a warm atmosphere with country style window fittings.

A window as a whole depends on its window fittings: give your windows the finishing they deserve with resistant and stylish country style window fittings!

01/06/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Combine secure door fittings with a retro design.

Secure door fittings: for exterior doors and windows, security and durability are just as important as aesthetics!

01/06/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Do you prefer retro or design door handles for your interior doors?

Would you like to give your interior doors an authentic touch? Retro door handles are a perfect alternative for a classic or country style interior.

31/05/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Decorating your pool house country-style? Mind the fittings!

If you have a country-style home and you want your pool house to match it, selecting the door and furniture fittings is crucial. Because it’s the little things that make all the difference …

31/05/2018 Dries Vinck

Rustic living is all about detail, detail, detail!

Rustic living means coming home to a house that is bursting with personality. Cosy furniture and warm colours on the walls are a must, as are retro window fittings and door handles. Learn more about Dauby's retro fittings for rustic living spaces!

31/05/2018 Dries Vinck

These authentic materials make your retro interior complete.

What do the loveliest retro interiors have in common? They all have door, window and furniture fittings made of authentic materials. Did you know Dauby's retro hardware is made of the same materials architects have been using in manor houses for centuries? Read on to learn more!

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