25/02/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Black door fittings, ideal for any interior!

Whether you’re a fan of modern, or tend to opt for timeless or classic styles, a light interior with black door fittings can fit perfectly into every home!

25/02/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A new splash-back in your kitchen? Choose bronze and metal tiles.

Pure® @Tiles by Dauby are a unique collection of metal tiles which are ideal for creating a splash-back in your kitchen. More info here.

27/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

How to maintain bronze door fittings?

Are you interested in getting bronze door fittings but don’t have an idea of how much maintenance it requires? Find out here how to clean and maintain your bronze door fittings!

12/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Just a bolt? No! Added value for your interior.

Do you want to add an extra something to your doors and windows? Then a bolt is the answer. Find out here how best to incorporate bolts into your interior.

12/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Living Finish

One of the properties of the natural materials Dauby uses is patination. The colour gradations will become more intense as you use the fitting.

12/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Big spring cleaning? Don’t forget your doors!

You cannot escape cleaning your house. Even doors get dirty after a while, and need a wipe down. Some door maintenance tips.

12/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A natural look with Raw Bronze door handles.

Looking for authentic door handles, but haven’t made up your mind as to the material you’d like? How about Raw Bronze?

10/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Refurbishing an interior door: Where to start? We´ll give you a hand!

Is your interior due for a makeover? Don´t forget your interior doors! Discover our tips for refurnishing them!

Discover some of our projects and experience how door-, window and furniture fittings take your interior to a higher level.

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