28/05/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Renovating your kitchen? These details make for the perfect finish!

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen but don’t want to demolish anything? These details enable you to achieve perfection!

26/04/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Create depth in your home with various window, door and furniture fittings.

Want to create a wow-factor in your home? With small touches, such as different window, door and furniture fittings, you’ll go a long way! A few tips...

26/04/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Breathe new life into your furniture with hand-made cabinet knobs and handles.

Retro furniture is a striking feature in your interior. Have you ever thought of adding hand-made knobs or handles to this type of furniture?

07/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Fittings from Dauby add the finishing touch to a project from ‘Atelier op Zolder’ and ‘Van der Padt Architecten’

Some time ago, ‘Van der Padt & Partners Architecten’ won a competition to design a house in Rotterdam. Together with ‘Atelier op Zolder’, they were given the opportunity to bring their design to life. For the house’s window and door fittings, they turned to the original and whimsical Pure® butterfly line by Dauby. For the …

25/10/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Add a little character to your home with the right window fittings.

Building a new house or giving your existing home a complete makeover? Don't forget to consider your choice of window fittings!

23/10/2018 ellen@dauby.be

New furniture and door fittings in your home? Discover the advantages of handles.

Had the same furniture and doors in your home for years? Maybe it's time for something new? Go for handles instead of doorknobs and discover the benefits!

16/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Want to admire our collection in real life? Visit our model home!

House Parein’s authentic materials and glorious historical atmosphere make it the ideal model home for Dauby's artisanal door, window and furniture fittings. Schedule your visit!

16/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

New collection – Fama Artwork

The Fama Artwork collection is a collection of custom products which you can entirely compose yourself. Artwork stands for the perfect mix between technological knowledge and traditional handmade products, intertwined with the three criteria of a work of art.

15/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Retro or modern bathroom fittings: finish your bathroom to perfection!

Over the last few decades, the bathroom has gone on to become one of the most important, if not the most important, rooms in our home.

Discover some of our projects and experience how door-, window and furniture fittings take your interior to a higher level.

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