09/09/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A beautiful doorbell as a calling card for your front door

It goes without saying that your interior will be beautifully harmonised. But does your doorbell match your styling? A few tips on what to focus on!

05/06/2019 ellen@dauby.be

100 years of Bauhaus: a timeless design for every interior

Do you like simplicity, functionality and sleek forms in your interior? Then you will almost certainly have heard of the Bauhaus style which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year! Bauhaus is known for its timeless and industrial design which suits every interior. And rightly so, because after 100 years Bauhaus is still inspiring and …

04/06/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A rustic-style home? Then think about your hinges and handles.

Are you too a fan of the warm cosiness of a rustic home? Keep the theme going down to the smallest details and choose rustic hinges and handles!

26/04/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Create depth in your home with various window, door and furniture fittings.

Want to create a wow-factor in your home? With small touches, such as different window, door and furniture fittings, you’ll go a long way! A few tips...

25/02/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Black door fittings, ideal for any interior!

Whether you’re a fan of modern, or tend to opt for timeless or classic styles, a light interior with black door fittings can fit perfectly into every home!

27/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

Have you opted for a sliding door? Then think carefully about which door fittings to use!

A sliding door is a perfect space-saving solution in any interior. But have you also given thought to the door fittings?

27/11/2018 ellen@dauby.be

How to maintain bronze door fittings?

Are you interested in getting bronze door fittings but don’t have an idea of how much maintenance it requires? Find out here how to clean and maintain your bronze door fittings!

05/09/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

NEW: PH2017, designed by Tom Lenaerts

The PH2017 collection The Dauby Lento collection was designed by Tom Lenaerts, a young and dynamic Belgian architect from Antwerp.   As an all-round designer, he can handle any style, from rural chique or timeless to modern. His passion for wood and steel is the leitmotiv in his work, and he always develops every single …

31/07/2018 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Why is there a spring in a door handle?

A spring in the door handle helps you to open and close it, horizontally or vertically. More information? Find all you need to know about single and double door handles here!

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