23/10/2020 ellen@dauby.be

Home-working in style: how can I set up a home office or update my kitchen?

Add a touch of style to your home office? Find out how you can boost productivity by designing your interior, down to the tiniest details!

11/06/2020 Stephanie Van Mechelen

A living interior? Choose a living finish from Dauby!

Anyone who chooses natural door, window or furniture fittings for their home, is choosing an interior with a living finish. What does that mean? Find out here!

05/05/2020 ellen@dauby.be

Dauby: every inch a Belgian design!

Do you love genuine Belgian design and want to find out about the latest trends in window, door and furniture fittings from the country? Find out more here!

03/03/2020 Stephanie Van Mechelen

The new bronze age: bring warmth into your home with door and furniture fittings in bronze!

Bronze door and furniture fittings will make a comeback in a number of homes in 2020. We’re done with sombre colours; hello warm welcome! Welcome to the new Bronze Age!

16/01/2020 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Interior trends for 2020

At Dauby, in our role of trendsetter, we’re more than happy to look at the future of door, window and furniture. Interior trends for 2020? Find out more here!

09/12/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Back to the 1980s with rattan and warm shades

Rattan is making a comeback! Do you love bohemian and the use of natural materials? Add the rattan trend to your interior!

19/11/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Create a robust, industrial interior with black door levers, black furniture fittings and vintage accents

Industrial interiors have been increasing in popularity for some time; the style is here to stay! Here are a few tips on how you can adjust your interior to this trend.

28/10/2019 ellen@dauby.be

Give short shrift to bleak autumnal days: welcome colour into your interior!

In the autumn, do you tend to go for darker colours in your interior, instead of bright accents? Then it’s high time to ring the changes!

28/10/2019 Stephanie Van Mechelen

Interior trends for autumn 2019

New, colourful accents are emerging in the living room, instead of minimalist interiors. Are we saying farewell to the Konmari method this season?

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