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Whether you’re a fan of the modern look, or tend to opt for timeless or classic styles, a light interior with black door fittings can fit perfectly into any home.

Black adds an extra touch to a neutral interior, and is also ideal for combining with any colour accents.

If you like, the line can be extended to the black hinges and handles on the furniture too, for an all-in look!

Black door fittings in a monochrome kitchen

Black door fittings are best showcased against a light background. This makes them really stand out and set the tone in your interior.

Black door fittings really make a statement, particularly in a monochrome kitchen with a stunning matte white tint.

Project Nicky Goossens - Laetitia Deknudt - Jonah Samyn
Project Laetitia Deknudt – Jonah Samyn

Add a further touch of drama with black handles on your kitchen drawers and create a genuine eye-catcher!

Black door fittings in other rooms

Have you chosen a monochrome look in other living spaces? Then combine the black door fittings with white walls and/or furniture in these spaces too.

Make sure, when combining black and white, that the black isn’t so dominant that the door fittings are lost in the room!

A good benchmark is to maintain the 70/30 ratio. This refers to 70% white tints and 30% black accents.

Project Bart Debeule - Den Stal
Project Bart De Beule – Den Stal

This ratio of robust black and bright white will create an eye-catching setting in your home which, in turn, will emphasise your other furnishings.

A black/white interior also lends itself to the placement of artworks or sculptures.

A cosy but also trendy interior

Ready to give black door fittings a go in your home, but worried that this will completely eliminate the welcoming atmosphere?

Combine black door fittings with warm materials and natural textures. This could include wood, linen, velvet, wicker, silk or wool.

Dark tiles or parquet are most suitable for the floor.

They will work with the black door fittings to create the natural, timeless look that you’re after!

For a real industrial look, combine your black door fittings with coarse materials such as stainless steel, natural stone and concrete.

Cleaning black door fittings

project Nicky Goossens - Weekend / Wonen / Binnenkijker - Knokke
Project Nicky Goossens

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll be fine with black door fittings; Dauby’s black door fittings are finished with a coating which, just like its other materials, needs little cleaning or maintenance. Also, black doesn’t show any fingerprints and is easily cleaned using a cloth.

(NB: the coating on the black door fittings by Dauby mean they are a little more fragile than other materials! Are you looking for door fittings that can really cope with a knock or two and which wear over time? Then you’re better off choosing raw metal or raw bronze!)

Discover our whole collection of black door fittings on our website www.dauby.be or in our showroom!

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