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What do the loveliest retro interiors have in common? Attention to detail! More specifically, they exude pure class thanks to carefully selected door, window and furniture fittings made of authentic materials. Did you know Dauby’s retro hardware is made of the same materials architects have been using in manor houses for centuries? Read on to learn more!

A unique patina

Authentic materials are very much ‘alive’. As time passes, they only become more beautiful – i.e. they gradually change colours. The unique patina (link) they acquire over the years gives even the smallest furniture knob an irresistible ‘living finish’.

Dauby’s authentic materials

For our retro collections, we prefer using different types of Bronze as well as a lesser-known material called Britannium.

Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze has a dark brown to green patina and turns a slightly lighter colour after prolonged use.

Natural Bronze

Similar to Light Bronze, Natural Bronze becomes a little lighter in the first few years. After that, the material gets a dark patina.

Raw Bronze

Do you prefer a more warm, reddish kind of Bronze? Then Raw Bronze is the way to go. Over time, the material becomes slightly shiny.

White Bronze

White Bronze, which is rather silvery, doesn’t change colour either. A mat corrosion layer may occur in the long term. In the case of Mat White Bronze, the corrosion layer is already present from the beginning.


Britannium is a mix of silver and tin. The material owes its charm to its weathered look and eventually gets a matte patina. Do you prefer your fittings more shiny? Some silver polish ought to do the trick.

And the list goes on …

The finest retro hardware

Would you like to admire our authentic materials with your own eyes before picking your favourite? Feel free to drop by our showroom in Wommelgem near Antwerp!

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