Stephanie Van Mechelen

It’s natural that you want your home to be a pleasant place to live. A house should be a true home, where you can fully be yourself. It also goes without saying that you want to express your personality in your home. This doesn’t come about solely through how you organise your home, your choice of furniture or the colours of your walls, but also through accessories and other ‘details’. Here are a few tips for creating the right atmosphere in your home.

The atmosphere in your home – it all comes down to the small details

A slow Sunday morning, a romantic dinner with your partner or an evening with friends? You experience all of these much more intensively in an atmospheric home. That’s why you should pay attention to every detail. You have probably already discovered that beautifully designed accessories, fascinating materials and appealing fragrances make a world of difference. However, you can take the atmosphere in your home to the next level by making some smart choices.

A whole range of possibilities

keukenbeslag Dauby

Do you like retro (link) looks or are you a fan of designer (link) styles? At Dauby, you can extend the style of your interior right down to the smallest details. Do you know our motto? Details create perfection, but perfection is not a detail!

  • The door and furniture fixtures in our Pure® collection (link) were inspired by Bauhaus designs and give your home an air of authenticity. The hinges and locks in the CDF (link), Giara® (link) or Fama (link) collections also go perfectly with a retro interior. Are you looking for a more contemporary look? Our range contains a large number of modern door handles by genuine top-class designers (link).
  • Stylish bathroom and kitchen accessories mean that bathing and cooking become more than just daily rituals. Has this sparked your interest? Be sure to look at our Pure® Plus products (link)
  • Wall tiles let you show some originality. Ever thought about luxury metal tiles? Our Pure® Tiles (link) are available in Aged Iron, White Bronze, Satin White Bronze and Raw Metal. Are you looking for a unique effect? Why not combine various materials in a mosaic.
  • You will probably not rush into choosing the right curtains but have you also considered the finish? Curtains rails, curtain rings and holders (link) from Pure® Curtains can make all the difference!
  • Lastly, a pleasant fragrance also defines the atmosphere in your home. Using the right home fragrance lets you create the mood that you want. Discover the various fragrances in our Pure® Fragrance range (link).

Photos: Martensen / François Hannes

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