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Art Deco, a style movement which emerged in the years 1920 and 1930, has ongoing appeal thanks to its characteristic elements and refined appearance. Versatility and timeless aesthetics ensure Art Deco is a continuing trend.

What is Art Deco?

Want to add a touch of Art Deco to your home? Art Deco is an elegant interior style which showcases

  • geometric shapes;
  • chic, glossy materials;
  • multiple mirrors;
  • sumptuous prints;
  • luxurious fabrics;
  • layered lighting;
  • eye-catching contrasts;
  • lavish details;
  • craftsmanship.

Streamlined furniture, marble surfaces, shiny metal accents and eye-catching geometric patterns form the essence of the art-deco style.

These interiors also highlight foreign influences from overseas journeys.

Art Deco: an enduring trend, even in 2024

In our collections Créations de Laiton (CDL), Fama and Fama Artwork, we have found inspiration in the timeless allure of Art Deco.

These items add the perfect finishing touch to interiors that strive to realise a touch of classic elegance. It is the versatility and timeless aesthetic that make Art Deco so relevant for 2024.

At home in any style

Art Deco offers the perfect combination of modernity and classic beauty, ensuring it works beautifully in various interior styles.

Art Deco is more than just a decorative choice, however, it is also a method for creating refined and accessible spaces. Art Deco adds a touch of elegance and glamour to interiors in 2024. Whether it is expressed through sleek lines in furniture, dramatic contrasts in colour pallets or lavish details in decorative elements.

It is the timeless appeal of this style which makes it an important trend, and it offers a welcome resurgence of classic elegance in modern homes. Art Deco embodies the perfect harmony between past and future. In short, it is an essential choice for those yearning for timeless class in their living spaces.

Can you use this article to make a start on your own Art Deco interior? Fantastic! Do you have any questions about our Art Deco collections? Contact us: we will be happy to help.

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