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Quincaillerie de fenêtre moderne pour une ambiance sobre et élégante
Are you building a new home or just about to completely makeover your existing home with a new ‘look and feel’? Then, it’s not only important to consider the overall layout and design of the area, but also to think about the smallest details.

As well as up-cycling your furniture with a lick of paint, and adding new furniture knobs and handles, you can also beautify your windows!

How about creating unity within your home by using the same fittings for your windows as you have for your furniture, bathroom and kitchen? Or do the opposite and add an eye-catching element to your home by using nostalgic espagnolettes or exclusive, hand-made window handles.


To help you along the way, we have a wide range of window fittings. If you don’t know where to start, we have set out the various types of window fittings below and which styles you can find in our range.

Window fittings from A to Z

If you are looking for window fittings, you will find a range of types and systems to choose from. You can choose from:

Be aware, not every type of window fitting is suitable for every type of window! You will have to choose a different fitting for a tilt and turn window than for a latched window or a sliding window, and you are better off with a sliding handle for a sliding window, for example.

To be sure that you are making the best choice, you can always ask one of the Dauby employees.

Dauby team

Rural window fittings for an authentic character

Do you love rural styling and are you looking for window fittings that reflect this in your home? Then the retro and rural window fittings by Dauby will be right up your street!

The retro collections Giara, Fama and CDF are cast in sand and completely hand-made and will add a touch of history to your home.

The range within our retro collections is so wide and the finishes so numerous, that you will almost certainly find various options which will fit perfectly into your home.

Are you looking for attractive, rural window fittings which don’t compromise on security? Then take a look at our various, lockable window latches, which combine authenticity, functionality and security.


Modern window fittings for a sleek and elegant look

Modern window fittings are ideal for those who love a lively yet tasteful interior with that little bit extra.

We have a few ranges within our collection, called Frascio and Rds-Kleis, which are characterised by their sleek, well-defined lines and linear shapes.

They can add a decorative and unique look to your home and allow each window to add value to the overall look, without being overbearing.

Timeless window fittings for the contemporary interior

Anyone who struggles to choose between an rural or modern interior is advised to go for timeless window fittings.

Our collections Pure® and Fama offer the ideal combination between old and new, while unifying authenticity and contemporary influences perfectly.

Ideal for anyone with a varied interior who would like to highlight both styles!

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