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The products

Dauby imports exclusive door, window and furniture fittings from Europe. As we always cater for your needs, we have extended the collections to include a wide range of bathroom and kitchen accessories, metal/bronze tiles and curtain accessories.

All in the same natural materials, cast in sand moulds. We offer you a comprehensive package so that you can fit out your entire interior in the same style. Dauby specialises in both hand-made retro fittings and design fittings by leading names.

Details make perfection

Each product is unique

The Dauby Retro range is entirely hand-made. First of all, the metal is poured into sand moulds, a technique used since 3,000 BC. The products are then finished by hand. The sand mould casting process lends the fittings a rugged surface which exhibits tiny imperfections. As a result, each item is unique and takes on an old, artisanal look.

A centuries-old tradition

Dauby works with natural materials such as bronze, white bronze, Britannia metal and wrought iron. These metal alloys have been used by craft workers for centuries and are not only hard-wearing, but also recyclable. Over time, the metal takes on a patina. Like fine wine, the metal improves with age!

Dauby is a trendsetter in materials, too. While brass and chrome fittings are commonplace, Dauby has long avoided these ‘cold’ materials and innovated by introducing age-old traditional materials into the world of door fittings.

Innovative materials

What’s more, we have created a number of new and unique models for your interior: raw bronze and raw metal. These raw models can be found exclusively and only in the Pure collection, giving the fittings a clean, raw, sturdy look in line with the industrial design. Be a trendsetter too! Opt for these unique models!

Tradition and design go hand in hand

Dauby also innovates with the unique concept of combining tradition and design! Dauby takes inspiration from a major turning point in history: the transition from tradition to modernity.

The origin of design

The design movement emerged in the early 20th century, led by the ‘Staatliches Bauhaus’, a school that changed the world and spread the modernistic idea throughout the world. The main characteristics of this design movement were unity of form and function and a simple, clear style for industrial production. Machines, industry and the concept of mass production appeared at this time and the Bauhaus believed that artists and industry had to work together.

Dauby innovative style

Dauby is reinventing design models from this period by producing them entirely according to traditional methods, using techniques that date back to 3,000 BC. So Dauby unites two totally opposite ideas: the contrast of the austere, pure style and the authentic look created by the sand mould casting process.

This lends character to the object so that it stands out from the mass-produced goods that are so prevalent in today’s throw-away society. We make the most of the trend towards cherishing the authentic, creating items that are passed on from generation to generation and are increasingly highly valued.

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As well as a wide range of retro fittings, Dauby also has an extensive selection of models created by top designers.

Big names such Philippe Starck, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Hannes Wettstein, Enrico Baleri, Riccardo Dalisi, Marcello Cutino, Fabrizio Cester, Brian Sironi and Luigi Baroli are among the creators of the door and window fittings in our design range. The austere style and materials such as chrome, nickel and stainless steel bring class and austerity to your interior.

But Dauby is constantly moving forward in design, too. Italian design innovates continuously, placing a whole range of new models onto the market.

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Opting for Dauby means opting for excellent service!

Although we do not actually fit the items in our ranges, we assist you with your projects in the showroom or on site. Come and choose in our showroom. We will be pleased to advise you on your interior and give you information about the products. You can also make an appointment with our representatives. Feel free to ask for documentation; we will put together a customised file for you.

You can also ask us for showroom material. We can then consider together what is most appropriate for your showroom.

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