Stephanie Van Mechelen

Do you love minimalist or sleek rustic interiors? There’s a good reason for that! These unique interior styles blend the rustic charm of rural elements with the rigidity and simplicity of minimalism. The result? A perfect aesthetic balance.

Refined serenity

The essence of the minimalist rustic style encompasses the principles of creating a light, airy and functional space. Natural materials such as wood and stone form the foundations while simple colour pallets and an abundance of natural light fill the space. All this, in turn, creates an atmosphere of serenity and refinement.

Considered choices of furniture and decorations

In sleek, rustic interiors, furniture and decorations are chosen carefully, prioritising both form and function. The trend embraces the growing need for calm and harmony in our high-pressure world. The result is an inviting, welcoming ambiance where each element is positioned with care to create a balanced and serene environment.

Each item at Dauby is designed with a focus on functionality. Items that are used many times each day, such as door levers, furniture knobs or window handles, must lie comfortably in the hand.

Sustainable interiors

The sleek rustic style in 2024 also reflects the increasing interest in ecologically-aware interior design. With the emphasis on sustainable materials and organic shapes, this style is a response to the need for environmentally-friendly choices in our homes.

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