Stephanie Van Mechelen - 12/07/2018 - 12 July 2018

Ever seen the inside of a Pure® furniture knob?

The Pure® collection is Dauby’s own brand. The exclusive materials and the pure design give the Pure® collection its typical style. You’ll know it when you see a Pure® product, since every item is an eye-catcher. Furthermore, every single product in the collection is marked with a Pure®-stamp.

Only high-quality and unique materials were selected for the Pure® collection. Our classics, White Bronze and Aged Iron, will probably ring a bell. But recently, three new materials were added to the Pure® collection: Raw BronzeRaw Metal and Satin White Bronze. These materials are really exclusive and are only distributed by Dauby.


Raw Bronze


Raw Metal

Pure ruw metaal

Satin White Bronze


Solid materials:

The materials selected for the Pure® collection – bronze and corrosion resistant alloys – are solid materials which do not require coatings or lacquers (except for the items in the Aged Iron range). This guarantees a product of exceptional quality. You’ll know when you’re holding a Pure® product in your hand. Its weight will give it away.

The black layer of lacquer of the Aged Iron range is applied by means of electrolysis, which guarantees a perfect adhesion.

Pure Dauby binnenkant

he typical look of the items in the Pure® collection is obtained by means of the traditional production process. They are cast in sand molds. The sand creates the grainy “skin” of the final product. These tiny imperfections make every single item unique!

The design of the Pure® collection is easily recognizable. Quite a few of the Pure® door handles were inspired by the Bauhaus period. But the furniture fittings too have a distinctive austere and pure design.

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