Stephanie Van Mechelen - 25/02/2019 - 25 February 2019

If there’s one piece of wall that has a lot to put up with in your house, it’s the bit just behind the hob, in your kitchen. Over-enthusiastic soups, spaghetti sauces that bubble out of the pan and water vapour are the daily challenges for the kitchen!

You are advised to protect this wall with a good splash-back so that you can cook to your heart’s content without worrying about splattering fat or bubbling stock.

Looking for a unique splash-back? Then take a look at the metal or bronze tiles by Dauby!

Pure® Tiles tegelmix van Dauby
Pure® Tiles tile mix – Dauby

Choose metal tiles

When you’re looking for a kitchen splash-back, you’ll find a huge range of options on the market.

But you probably want something that can handle the odd knock or two in your interior? Then with the Pure® Tiles by Dauby you’ve come to the right place!

The metal and bronze tiles exude luxury and are perfect within an industrial kitchen design or more sleek, rural interiors.

The tiles from the Pure®-collection are available in six variations and in two sizes:

  • Variants: White Bronze, Matte White Bronze, Raw Bronze, Raw Polished Bronze, Raw Metal, Aged Iron
  • Dimensions: square (10×10 cm) or rectangular (10×20 cm)

The version in White Bronze with a glossy, metallic effect works particularly well as a splash-back in a sophisticated, classic kitchen. For a trendier, more robust look, the Pure®Tiles in Raw Metal are a must-have.

Pure® Tiles - Rijs Brosens interieur
Pure® Tiles – Rijs Brosens interior

Let your creativity run wild by choosing multiple variants or choose one variant for the splash-back, with a colour accent.

There are endless combinations: let it be the eye-catcher in your interior!

Pure tradition

The Pure® Tiles by Dauby are a unique collection of metal tiles with a unique look which can genuinely be referred to as authentic.

The characteristic look is obtained due to the traditional methods used to make the tiles, following a centuries-old process. The rough form is created thanks to the sand moulds in which they are cast, which is then refined by hand.

They are genuinely unique: each tile is different and minor imperfections emphasise their characteristic appearance.

BK Special Dauby - Pure® Tiles
BK Special Dauby – Pure® Tiles


Pure®Tiles are simple and straightforward to install and you can easily do it yourself.

Using the tiles in the vicinity of a heat source, such as the hob? Allow a few millimetres of space so that the metal has the room to expand when it gets hot.

Below is a short step-by-step plan for creating your own splash-back:

  1. Cut the tiles to size with a diamond circular saw. Make sure the saw is not rotating too quickly as this could heat the tile.
  2. Then apply the tiles with flexi-adhesive. To create the joint between the tiles, use a special grout rather than cement. Rather not use grout? Be aware that the traditional tiles may vary slightly in size.
  3. Wipe off excess adhesive with a soft cloth.

NB: Products for removing cement residues are best avoided!


When it comes to cleaning this splash-back, you’ll be fine with your metal and bronze tiles; fatty spots and a build up of limescale are easily removed with a soft cloth and a little vinegar.

NB: acidic or aggressive cleaning products will damage the tiles. Do not use abrasive materials or agents either!

For more information about our Pure®Tiles collection, installation and cleaning, we are ready to help in our showrooms or online on!

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