Stephanie Van Mechelen - 09/09/2019 - 09 September 2019

Please knock because the doorbell isn’t working? No thanks! With the right doorbell, every guest will be delighted to call round to see you.

Dauby has various hand-made doorbells in its collection, in a wide range of styles to really add a finishing touch to your door.

Deurbel in wit brons - project Fabriek 61
Doorbell in White Bronze – project Fabriek 61

The right style of doorbell

It goes without saying that your interior will be beautifully harmonised. It is your home and makes you feel good; a place where functionality and beauty are united.

But have you ever considered how your home expresses its style on the outside, as a first impression for passers-by and visitors? As a real ‘calling card’?

Your outer door fittings don’t have to be left out of the style competition. They are an integral part of the bigger picture.

You can choose your doorbell according to your own interior style: round, square, large, small… They come in all shapes and sizes.

We’ve even thought of matching front door handles, doorknobs, key plates or even letterbox flaps!

Doorbells in the same line as the rest of your outer door fittings

A calling card opens doors and your front door will certainly open with style!

You can easily choose a design that seamlessly integrates into your façade. The design of the doorbell will then perfectly match your front door handle, key plate and letterbox flap.

Herenhuis met buitendeurbeslag in Wit Brons

And the best thing? These stylish accessories are just a taster of your interior styling, without any compromise! Dauby has a wide range of door fittings and accessories in the same shapes, materials and styles.

Country or classic? Then our doorbells and accessories in Rust, Raw Bronze, or Aged Iron are a great choice.

Prefer modern and sleek? Then our doorbells in Black and Raw Metal are exactly what you’re looking for.

Want a bit more bling? Add a touch of glam to your façade with our doorbells and accessories in White Bronze and Raw Polished Bronze!

Deurbellen van Dauby in verschillende kleuren.

Dauby quality

All Dauby accessories are manufactured using the same sturdy, top quality materials and cast in sand moulds according to an authentic method.

Your doorbell will then have the same grainy structure from the sand mould, which adds a unique finish.

And maintenance is a breeze; the natural materials which we use will develop a patina over time and will simply become more beautiful as they get older.

A genuine living finish which radiates class and quality!

Take a look at our website to see our range of doorbells and accessories and expand your interior styling to include your front door and façade too. Need help? You can ring our bell any time!

Abijdijnwoning met deurbeslag van Dauby

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