Stephanie Van Mechelen

A new year always whets our appetite to refurbish or upgrade our home interior or to look forward and make plans. To serve all these ambitious and creative souls, Dauby publishes a free annual style guide.

The guide hones in on the latest home interior trends, the most up-to-the-minute colour trends and the coolest home interior developments for 2024.

This must-have is based on our long-standing experience along with the expertise of our interior designers and trend watchers.

Dauby is all about breaking the mould. Not when it comes to sand casting our fittings, but most definitely in coming up with new, unique concepts that make rather than follow trends.

What can you expect? A guide that showcases the latest trends, packed with inspiration for the year ahead. Ideal for browsing and enjoying the gorgeous mood photos of Dauby’s products!

2024: at home in any style

Whereas previously, home interior trends came and went in very quick succession, we are now seeing a gradual shift towards and demand for more sustainable interior design. People are keen to change things around but also like an interior that will last several seasons and even years. After all, it is easy to instil variation in a solid foundation, depending on your mood, the latest fashions or changing situations, such as home-working.

The main styles stay on, but become less conspicuous. A beautiful tone on tone combined with a robust handle? A sleek home interior with a rustic knob? Elements are combined as we step away from rigid cubicles.

It is becoming increasingly clear that accessories make the difference. A sleek design but with cosy materials.

Ready for loads of home interior design inspiration?

View our 2024 style guide

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